Boris Lee Sirven
42 ans
175 cm - 5'9''
75 kg - 167 lbs
105 cm - 41''
85 cm - 33''
95 cm - 37''

Hello and welcome to my page. You can also visit, like, and comment my Facebook "Actor" page : Boris "Lee" Sirven, as well as my Facebook profile "Boris Lee", and also my Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages "Boris Lee".


I am an actor, model, and stuntman, and am interested in any artistic project types (Cinema, Television, Fashion, Magazines / Catalogs, Commercials, Video Clips...).


I am also an AFBBN athlete (Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness Association), and moreover a member of the AFBBN French national team 🇫🇷. My coach is Jerome Petit, who is also the trainer of the AFBBN French national team.


Passionate and extremely determined, I well intend to succeed in this environment, and so to realize all my dreams. Because I think that in life, it is very important to do a work which really pleases us, and which makes us completely happy.

As so said it exactly the Chinese philosopher Confucius: "Choose a work you like, and you won't have to work a single day of your life"...


I live in Paris, and can move all over the world, if needed. I have also a house in South of France (Toulouse), where is my family, and where I spent the largest part of my life.


I practise natural body-building, fitness, and also martial arts since my youngest age. I have two black belts (Taekwondo 2d Dan and Hapkido 1st Dan), and made lots of demonstrations in all the South of France, specializing me in the breakage (boards, bricks, cellular concrete, blocks of ice).


I also possess all the driving licences (car, motorcycle, heavy truck, public transportation, great heavy truck). As well as boating licenses (Coastal, deep-sea).


I also have a big experience in anti-aggression driving, with various vehicles, as well as armored vehicles. Experience which I acquired during my trainings within my former work of driver of security and personality.


I also piloted an helicopter, during one of my trainings in close protection, having also been a bodyguard. And I was a tank pilot (AMX 10) during my military service.

I was also a member of the operational reserve, within the 8th RPIMa (French elite parachute regiment), during several years.


And I also practise shooting sports in club for several years (hand and long gun). Shooting was a part of my trainings in close protection.


Very professional, I possess a big adaptability, as well as an extraordinary energy, which I pass on to all my entourage.


And especially, all that I do in my life, I do it with my heart. And I think that is the most important...


And I am always in a very good mood !


Looking forward to work with you.


Make your dreams come true...